Saturday, October 29, 2016

Today is a First

Today I am on an adventure with friends.  I am traveling several hours to attend a football game.  I know this doesn't seem like much to many - but this is the scoop.

I have had 3 children +my husband attend this university.  We have paid enough in tuition for the dean to buy his own summer home over the past 8+ years.  I have attended many tailgate parties and watch numerous march in ceremonies before the game...but I have never been to a game.  I am not a hugh football fan - but I LOVE the halftime shows.   My children were in the high school band and participated in many competitions.  I really miss that.  And with the cost of tickets being through the roof  - I was ecstatic where some tickets were just given to me!  Oh HAPPY DAYS!!!!  So I don't know who you are rooting for this weekend - but all I can say is...GIG 'EM!!!!

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