Monday, February 29, 2016

March 1st - Super Tuesday

Every Vote Counts!

Bath Renovation vs. Crafting

Well, after years of waiting - we are finally going to start our master bath renovation.  It' a complete tear down. I'm so excited.  The only downfall is that this bathroom area is where I do all my craft painting.  I will have to find a new spot in the house to make my crafts.  So... I have a new challenge for myself.  I have 3 painted items that I MUST complete in two weeks - prior to the tear down.  I am going to be the "Little Engine that Could"... I think I can.  I think I can.  I think I can!  Stay tuned for the finished products!
Have a great day!

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Just in time for all the election hoop-la ...I finished another Americana pillow.  Have 2 more Americana items in the works...another pillow and a door hanger!  Stay tuned!

New Tomorrow

Tomorrow starts a special  treasury that will be promoting new spring items from members of the Old Farmhouse Gathering Etsy Team.  I will be listing four new items tomorrow for this treasury from my shop. (Sorry - no peeking).  Just go to the ETSY site - or you can go to my shop and search STWOFG to see the items.  There should be some really amazing items - because this is a really talented group of artists!  The treasury will last one week!  Enjoy SPRING!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


We have been working on our backyard for the spring.  Removing all the old and dead shrubs.  You know...the typical landscaping.  Last night, our local news had a story about a family pet that was poisoned by a common ornamental plant - the Sago Palm.  These are sold in nurseries all over the country - with very few of them labeled poisonous to pets and toddlers.  I never really thought about this - as I have never seen these warning signs on any of the labels.  Now - I will!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Challenge Completed!!!!

I have finished all my pillows as well as some additional items.  We were having spring weather - which motivated me a cold front has moved through and it's drippy and dreary!  Spring is just around the corner - so here are some cute little birds to cheer us all up!

Cheep! Cheep!  Welcome Spring!!!
These can be sold individually or (discounted) as a group..message me for info

More listings coming soon!!!!!

Have a wonderful evening!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016


I'll be stuffing pillows 'til the cows come in...or until I run out of stuffing!

What an adventure!

Today a friend and I decided to go to a wonderful fabric store that is about an hour away.  This adventure has been planned for a week. All systems were a go - until last night ...the dryer broke.(My son is coming home from college tomorrow - HE WILL HAVE LAUNDRY!)  Called repairman - they can see us tomorrow ! (Yay!)Then my daughter took the wrong medicine - AHHH - Called the nurse - Not to worry - she just may get sleepy in school. (Whew!!!) Finally on my way to my friends house...saw that freeway was at a standstill and there was a detour to her house.  Finally got there.  Took the back roads...finally on our way.  Directions were misread...we ended up accidentally  taking the scenic route.  Small towns are really so quaint! (A 45 minute drive took us 1 1/4 hours).  We FINALLY made it!  SO WORTH IT!!!!!

Now I am motivated to finish all the projects I have started and start some new ones!

Now all I need is some spare time!!!
Thanks for coming on this adventure with me today Carmen!!!!!

Have a fantastic afternoon!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Progress is Underway!!!!

Well, I have been working on my Spring Challenge!  So much to do - and more roadblocks appear!  Our master bath renovation is starting and I need to shop for "the perfect" tub, sinks, and fixtures!  Sounds simple - but I have waited 5 years for this - NO SETTLING!

New fundraiser for my son - need to complete another project by April!  Then there is the gardening, car maintenance, house cleaning - YUCK!  I'd rather be sewing!

ANYWAY...Here is my update...




Have a fantastic day!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Respect our Leaders

Today is President's Day!  Not many of us think much about it - other than it is a National Holiday and there is no mail and the banks are not open.  But we need to remember that it was/is the leaders of this country that have made our nation strong or weak - but that WE THE PEOPLE - elected them into this position.  We need to respect the good leaders as well as the bad.  Remember that for this to be the strongest nation again  - WE THE PEOPLE need to be responsible.  Express you opinion and VOTE!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Movin' Right Along!

Well - I am making progress.  I have completed my blog giveaway prize and have one of the four new items ready for the other spring treasury!  Here is a peek at my giveaway.  Stay tunes for more details on how to win this cute little garden mouse!  Have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mardi Gras

Enjoy the day...Lent starts tomorrow!

The seasonal celebration dates back to pre-Christian Europe. Back then the celebration, like most pagan holidays based on the harvests or seasons, required a human sacrifice to the gods. To choose the lucky winner, a coin or bean would be placed in the King's Cake before baking, and whichever of the tribesmen found the trinket would be treated like a king — until their time was up.
When the Christians took over, they kept the cake but got rid of the unpleasant ritual sacrifice. Suddenly winning the task of hosting next year's party or buying the next cake doesn't seem so bad.
The three traditional colors of Mardi Gras were officially adopted by the Krewe of Rex, one of the earliest private clubs to hold exclusive parties and parades during the Mardi Gras season. Founded in 1872, Rex's colors were originally thought to symbolize royalty — purple being long associated with royalty and gold to represent the crowns.
In 1892, Rex Krewe clarified that purple is for justice, green is for faith and gold is for power.

Monday, February 8, 2016

 In Case You Are Curious...

Some people are curious about my stitching and how it progresses.  Here are a few photos of a sampler I recently completed.

First I choose my design and gather my materials
Before I start stitching - I make sure my comfy chair and the TV remote are available!  It helps time fly when you can watch your favorite programs!
Once the design is finished - I tea-dye the fabric, dry it and select the fabric for the borders and backing (This is the most time consuming - because I want it to perfectly reflect the design!).
The finished product!
...I love it when everything falls into place!

Have a fantastic day!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

What to do?????

Well - I have joined several teams within the ETSY network.  Two of them are having spring promotions...which is good for you - but I need to make 4 NEW - NEVER SEEN BEFORE SPRING items for one and a cute giveaway for the other!  What to do???What to do??  Considering I have less than a month and we have birthdays, bathroom renovations, school events - along with the usual who know's what that pops up.  Will I be able to pull this off?????


I will post my progress - and hopefully give you a sneak peek.  I WILL let you know the details of the events!  STAY TUNED!!!!  SAME BAT TIME...SAME BAT CHANNEL!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Love is in the Air

Well - Christmas has come and gone!  Hope everyone's holiday was fantastic!  It is always nice to see family and friends!

Now we are waiting for spring!  Mardi gras is on the way!  I hope everyone is getting ready for FAT TUESDAY!  This year - it is my daughter's birthday too!  Her king cake has been ordered and we are ready for a day of feasting - so to speak !  Enjoy the celebration - but stay safe!!!!