Thursday, February 18, 2016

What an adventure!

Today a friend and I decided to go to a wonderful fabric store that is about an hour away.  This adventure has been planned for a week. All systems were a go - until last night ...the dryer broke.(My son is coming home from college tomorrow - HE WILL HAVE LAUNDRY!)  Called repairman - they can see us tomorrow ! (Yay!)Then my daughter took the wrong medicine - AHHH - Called the nurse - Not to worry - she just may get sleepy in school. (Whew!!!) Finally on my way to my friends house...saw that freeway was at a standstill and there was a detour to her house.  Finally got there.  Took the back roads...finally on our way.  Directions were misread...we ended up accidentally  taking the scenic route.  Small towns are really so quaint! (A 45 minute drive took us 1 1/4 hours).  We FINALLY made it!  SO WORTH IT!!!!!

Now I am motivated to finish all the projects I have started and start some new ones!

Now all I need is some spare time!!!
Thanks for coming on this adventure with me today Carmen!!!!!

Have a fantastic afternoon!!!!!!


  1. Hi, Jackie . I'm Yvonne from Beth's Raggedy Attic Prims and am out visiting tonight and thought I would pop in and say hello and introduce myself. Your work is very good. Love the black rabbit. I too went on an afternoon adventure to different fabric stores about a week ago around Presidents Day,and found some really good sales as I see you did. I love when that happens. And I'm working on my stach to . Hope you will come visit me. God Bless.

    1. Hi Yvonne! Thanks for stopping in! Like your bunny! Keep adding to your shop! I would love to see all your creations! IT's fantastic when you can use all those fabulous fabrics that you find! Stop by again! Happy Stitching! :)