Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hoping for a Better Day

On St. Patrick's Day a hail storm came through our area.  The amount of damage to homes in the area was huge.  We needed to get our roof replaced - and finally had it done yesterday.  After going over details with the contractor- one of the big items on my list was the landscaping in my front yard.  I am not a gardener and it is difficult for me to keep a yard.  We invested in having a professional landscape the yard and I have been working very hard to keep it looking good.  The contractor assured me that they had a quality control person that makes sure that all will be taken care of.  Well - I guess he had the day off yesterday.  Plants were smashed, branches were broken off trees and an entire tree was destroyed (Looks like I took a twig from the yard and stuck it in the ground).  Then - to top that one off - I went to our backyard area to do some pool maintenance and the smell of urine hit me in the face,  They had peed on the concrete.  YUCK!!!!!!!  There are no kind feelings in my heart of contractors!

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