Monday, October 19, 2015

Keep Those Scraps!

This is my second go round with selling handmade products.  I had a booth in a craft mall about 10+ years ago, but had to close shop when the mall sold the business.  So sad... Anyway - I kept my fabrics and miscellaneous - stored in various places around the house and ...well forgotten.

So I was in the process of filling an order the other day - thought I had enough of a certain fabric - but alas - I was mistaken.  Yikes...Panic...     I decided to go into the attic and hope to find something!  OMGoodness - I stumbled on a treasure chest of wonderful items - better than I could have ever imagined!  I did not remember how much I had socked away!! Oh what a glorious day!  So to all you crafters out there - KEEP THOSE FABRICS!  You never know when they will come in handy!!!!!!!  Have a wonderful day!

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