Saturday, November 12, 2016

IT's Fall ...And Craft Fairs!

I love fall - especially when the temperature is finally cooler.  I also LOVE all the craft shows that are in the area.  I am going to one at our HS today!  I especially love this one because when my oldest son was a freshman in the band - they needed money to pay for the miscellaneous band expenses that the school district did not pay for.  One of the parents came up with the ideas of a gift market. 12 years later - it's still going strong.  I remember how hard we all worked to get the vendors to signup.  The students were great.  They would play Christmas music outside to get the crowds in, they caroled through the halls, they helped vendors set up and customers with their packages afterwards.  They have anew director now - and there are some things that are different.  I do know there is a different sense of pride when you start something up as opposed to when you just continue a tradition - but it is still a good fair just the same.
... SO I'm off with my daughter to shop 'til we drop - then lunch!  Food is always a good plan!
Hope your weekend is memorable!

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