Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Expect the Unexpected

This weekend has been one of the craziest EVER!  It actually started on Wednesday when my son - who is stationed in CA decided that he needed his truck.  OK - we could ship it...right?  NOPE - wanted to drive it back - because it's only 18 hours -PIECE OF CAKE...right.  He would get in Thursday evening, stay the night - rest and leave Friday morning...NOPE.  Came home, ate dinner, showered, checked out his truck and immediately left.  I did finally persuade him to only drive 4 hours that night because on the route he had to travel was literally baron and nowhere to stop. And he had to report every 3 hours.  WHEW - can kind of rest.  Next day was the same song...second verse...except after 15 hours of driving - he was exhausted!  Another hotel located.  Finally - on day 3 he made it back to base...safely!  So this 18 hour EASY drive turned in a 24 hours tiring event!  So glad for his safe return...so glad he didn't drive straight through!  Kids - it's hard to watch them grow up!

Enjoy your kids!
Have a wonderful day!!!