Wednesday, March 11, 2015



I have completed a few more items for the auction.  Since this is my first auction - I am anxious about the response I will get - but I am going to post these items as a preview for anyone that is interested.  If anyone would like additional information or photos about the items - just let me know!

Bee-atrice is approximately 22" tall.  She is made from muslin that has been painted. Her bloomers and slip are made from tea-dyed muslin with vintage lace edging the slip.  Her dress and underskirt are made from homespun cotton complimentary fabric. The apron is tea-dyed muslin decorated with hand-painted flower stems and vintage buttons.  Her necklace and eyes are handmade from clay.  She has flowers in her jute hair with wire antennae and her wings are made from craft paper.

This pillow is approximately 10"X 10".  An inspirational verse just for mom is hand embroidered in tea-dyed muslin.  The verse is bordered in vintage fabric and backed with complimentary fabric.  The design is compliments of Cedarberry Stitches.


  1. Hi Miss Jackie,

    Okay, just send these pretties to me - I won the auction. Giggle.

    Prudence ♥

  2. You are too kind!!! Tell your friends! It would be cool so see what they would fetch...right!!!