Saturday, March 14, 2015


for FAAP


I have been busy working on items for the FAAP auction that is coming up starting Monday.  Most of the items that I have are new - but I decided to combine some items from my ETSY shop just for this special occasion.  Take a look and let me know what you think!!!!

 This cute little garden mouse stands 7" tall.  She is made from tea-dyed flannel.  She has sisal whiskers and her eyes and nose are handmade from clay.  Her apron is made from cotton homespun and she is wearing a cheesecloth shawl.  She is holding two daisies.

 Bessie the cow is made from muslin that is hand painted and coffee-stained.  Her legs are made from painted nails and her tail is jute rope.  She stands approximately 5" tall.

This "Faith, Hope, Love" Sheep wall hanging is approximately 7" tall (excluding the legs and hanger).  The sheep is made from Sherpa fur with a muslin head that has been painted black.  The eyes are made from clay.  The legs are made from sticks.  The sign is placed on burlap and homespun and secured in place with jute rope. It is hung with rusty wire.

This cute little Easter bunny family is a set. of three.  The Father Rabbit decoration stands approximately 7" tall plus 3" adjustable ears.  He is made from tea-dyed muslin and cotton quilt batting.  His face is hand painted with sisal rope for whiskers.  He wears a floral scarf with a blue wool-felt cape and carries a sign with to the favorite destinations for his rabbit friends.  The Mother Rabbit decoration stands approximately 6" tall plus 3" adjustable ears.  She is made from tea-dyed muslin and cotton quilt batting.  Her face is hand painted with sisal rope for whiskers.  She dons a floral apron and carries a wicker basket with assorted flowers. The baby bunny is approximately 4 1/2" tall plus 2" adjustable ears. He is made from tea-dyed muslin with his face hand-painted and sisal rope for whiskers.  A carrot is appliqued to his dress with embroidery floss  for leaves.  He is holding a hand-painted sign that says "I Love Carrots".


  1. All of your little critters are adorable. ♥

  2. Uncross them, you will be a huge success. ♥