Monday, November 9, 2015

My Gardening Adventures

First thing to note is that I sew - not garden...but I want a garden.  After waking our neighborhood for years - I have always admired the wonderful gardens in this beautiful neighborhood.  I decided that I want to try this gardening concept.  Throughout the years I have found out several thing s for me to have the potential to be successful...
   * Plant it the day you buy it !  For me - it doesn't matter what I buy - if it's not planted immediately          - I become distracted and it dyes.
  * If you water plants - they grow.  I know it's a novel idea... but once again - distraction can be an         issue.
  * If you use bulbs - you can't plant them in the spring.  You must remember to buy them in the fall.  
       Guess what - I did that is year.

Well, yesterday was my gardening day.  I bought  bulbs, cleared the area, planted AND watered!  Now it's just wait and see.  I am hoping with some TLC to the area this time - I too will  have a beautiful English garden.  

Have a wonderful day!

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